2024 Award nominations are now open

GCC Excellence Awards

Celebrate remarkable achievements in innovation, operational excellence, and pioneering technologies within Global Capability Centers, spotlighting leaders who are shaping the future of global business services.

Celebrating Excellence in the GCC Ecosystem

The 5th edition of the MachineCon GCC Summit 2024 zeroes in on pivotal themes shaping the future of Global Capability Centers (GCCs).

A Platform for Pioneers

The GCC Excellence Awards inaugurate to celebrate outstanding achievements within the Global Capability Center landscape, spotlighting entities that redefine excellence through innovation and leadership. This platform honors those who have made significant impacts on global business through inventive solutions and strategic talent development, setting new benchmarks for excellence across industries.

Fostering Excellence Without Barriers

As part of our commitment to fostering innovation and excellence within the Global Capability Center ecosystem, the GCC Excellence Awards proudly stand as a testament to our dedication. It's important to note that AIM does not charge any fees for participation in these awards. This policy underlines our commitment to ensuring that recognition for excellence and innovation remains accessible to all eligible entities.

AIM proudly hosts the GCC Excellence Awards, offering participation at no cost to ensure open and equal opportunity for recognition in innovation and excellence.

Award Categories

A comprehensive platform for discussing the multifaceted roles of GCCs in driving innovation, navigating through challenges, and shaping the future of work, reflecting both the insights from the broader trends observed in the industry.

Best Innovation in
Process Optimization

This category recognizes GCCs that have significantly improved their operational efficiencies, cost reduction, or customer service through innovative process re-engineering or optimization techniques.

Excellence in Talent Development
and Management

Awards the GCC that stands out for its exceptional strategies and programs in talent acquisition, training, development, and retention, contributing to a skilled and motivated workforce.

Outstanding Contribution to
Digital Transformation

This accolade is for the GCC that has excelled in implementing digital technologies to transform business models and operations, showcasing remarkable achievements in digitization efforts that lead to enhanced productivity and competitive advantage.

Leadership in Sustainability and CSR

Honors the GCC that has demonstrated leadership and commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility, including environmental stewardship, social well-being, and governance practices.

Best Collaboration and Partnership Model

Recognizes the GCC that has effectively collaborated with parent organizations, vendors, startups, or academic institutions to drive innovation, co-create solutions, or enhance service delivery.

Emerging Technology Pioneer

This category is dedicated to GCCs that are at the forefront of adopting emerging technologies (such as blockchain, IoT, quantum computing) within their operations or product offerings, setting benchmarks for innovation and future readiness in the industry.

Why Participate in GCC Excellence Awards

Participating in the GCC Excellence Awards offers unparalleled benefits, including industry-wide recognition for your innovation and excellence, enhanced visibility among peers and potential clients, and the unique opportunity to benchmark your achievements against the highest standards in the Global Capability Center ecosystem.

It's a chance to celebrate your team's hard work and success, gain invaluable exposure, and potentially attract top talent and investment by showcasing your commitment to driving forward-thinking solutions and practices in your field.


May 30, 2024

Nomination Deadline - All entries must be submitted by this date.

June 1 to June 10, 2024

Evaluation Period - Expert judges review submissions, conduct interviews if necessary, and finalize the list of awardees.

June 11, 2024

Notification to Winners - Awardees are informed and given details about the award ceremony.

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