28th June 2024 | Hotel Radisson Blu, Bangalore

The Most Powerful GCC Summit of the year

Uniting Leaders and Innovators from Global Capability Centers in India. A Convergence of Expertise, Trends, and Strategies Shaping the Future.

MachineCon GCC Summit

The 5th edition of the MachineCon GCC Summit 2024 zeroes in on pivotal themes shaping the future of Global Capability Centers (GCCs).

Ethical considerations in AI and Machine Learning are paramount, urging leaders to navigate the delicate balance between innovation and responsibility. This focus ensures that as GCCs integrate these advanced technologies, they do so with an eye towards fairness, transparency, and societal impact. Concurrently, the summit emphasizes the importance of cross-border collaboration, recognizing that today’s digital and business challenges transcend geographical boundaries.

As GCCs venture into emerging markets, the summit will explore strategies for successful expansion and local engagement. This includes understanding cultural nuances, adhering to regulatory requirements, and contributing to the technological and economic development of these regions. The discussions aim to equip leaders with the insights needed to navigate new markets thoughtfully, ensuring that GCCs not only find new growth avenues but also become catalysts for positive change in the global ecosystem.

The MachineCon GCC Summit 2024 charts the future of GCCs with ethical AI, global collaboration, and strategic expansion into emerging markets

Key Themes

A comprehensive platform for discussing the multifaceted roles of GCCs in driving innovation, navigating through challenges, and shaping the future of work, reflecting both the insights from the broader trends observed in the industry.

Navigating Through Uncertainty

Resilience and Adaptation in GCCs

We explore how GCCs have navigated through recent global challenges, including economic downturns and the pandemic, showcasing their resilience and capacity to adapt. Discussions can delve into strategies for recovery, lessons learned, and how GCCs are realigning their operations to thrive in uncertain times.

Innovation at Scale

Leveraging India's GCC Ecosystem for Global Competitiveness

Focusing on the role of innovation within GCCs, this theme can highlight how these centers are not just cost-saving entities but crucial hubs for innovation and strategic growth. Sessions can cover the adoption of new technologies, such as AI and analytics, sectoral contributions, and case studies of GCCs driving significant competitive advantages for their parent companies.

The Future of Work and Talent in GCCs

Building a Sustainable and Inclusive Ecosystem

With the evolving nature of work and the significant role GCCs play in employment, this theme can address how these centers are adapting to new work models, focusing on talent acquisition, development, and retention. It can also cover diversity and inclusion efforts, the impact of remote and hybrid work models, and strategies for building a sustainable talent pipeline in the face of digital transformation.

Our Past Speakers

GCC Leaders from Our Previous Gatherings


General Manager, Business IT at SHELL R&D


Head of Data & Analytics, AMEA at Kellanova (earlier - Kellogg Company)


Managing Director at Roche Information Solutions India


Country Head – India & President – Global Capability Center at Clean Harbors


Sr Director of Data Engineering & Site Leader at Elsevier Bengaluru Tech Hub


Head of the India Technology Centre at Deutsche Bank Group


Head Global Analytical Services & Managing Director India at RMS


Centre Leader (India) & Head - Analytics at Cigna


Managing Director at Broadridge Financial Solutions, India


Senior Vice President and Head of Asia Pacific Tech Hubs at Mastercard


Country Head - India, Consumer Health at Bayer


Country Head at Technicolor Creative Studios


Country Head at Delta Capita


CTO at Morningstar


India Country Manager at Marvell Technology


Managing Director - Signalling and Infrastructure at Alstom India

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